Great sales people deserve great tools

GetSalesDone is the best way to be mobile with the essentials of Task management, offline access, free-to-use, and upgradable. What are you waiting for?

GetSalesDone is dead - long live GetSalesDone's
new sister!


This is GetSalesDone

GetSalesDone is a mobile app for adding, editing, and syncing relevant data and tasks between and your iPhone. GetSalesDone enables super fast CRM data access wherever you are. It's elegant and easy to use, something most CRM systems only dream of. The app is free and upgradable for more features. GetSalesDone is an app on top of meaning that it is just as secure as - and no, your data does not pass through our servers. Currently we support Salesforce and iPhone, but more is to come.


Plan and execute

We believe that good results are well planned. GetSalesDone gives you an overview of your tasks - just swipe off to report, create, assign, or contact directly from the app.


Lightning fast

GetSalesDone is so fast that CRM-reporting is suddenly easy - because we think there is nothing worse than waiting. You can report after any meeting, check information in the elevator before stepping into the meeting room, or even create tasks during the meeting.



Always have access to your data - on airplanes, abroad or just when your connection is slow. We solve that by making accessible when you are off-line. Now you can use wherever you are.